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3D labels can be used in a variety of ways. The intelligent finishing is characteristic with a transparent, lenticular protective layer made of a special polyurethane mixture. 3D labels turn a flat label into a three-dimensional nameplate that increases your brand.

The label is printed in the normal way (e.g. silkscreen) and then added a polyurethane coating. It can cover the entire surface, or it can be applied to specific areas.

Of course, there are no limits to the design of text, logos, symbols, etc., and color combinations that can be incorporated in the printing phase before 3D doming.  Because cutting the label is critical to a successful polyurethane coating, we have a number of tools in standard shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals of different sizes.  Nevertheless, we can also produce tailor-made shapes and sizes in exactly the desired form, within all the limits of the doming process.

Material 3D from polyurethane mixture

Material thickness: 0.8 mm-2 mm (depending on the label size)


Digital printing, silk screen printing


Self-adhesive-always adapted to the specific requirements

Resistance to diluted alkalis and acids, alcohols, detergents, UV radiation, mechanical stress, unleaded gasoline, diesel, weather

Writings as 3-dimensional, flexible lettering-pre-mounted on transmission film.  


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