EM Klebetechnik has the solution!


Labels and Die-Cut parts are ubiquitous in industry and everyday life. With the mobile phone we all carry a number of (adhesive) Die-Cut parts around with us. And hardly any electrical device doesn't carry a labeling label anywhere.

As a customer of the EM Klebetechnik GmbH, you have the advantage that on the one hand you are dealing with a competent partner when it comes to die-cut, who, however, also supports you in the selection of the right material.

Front panels - 3D labels- type and performance plates - Idental code systems

Die-Cut parts and labels offer many advantages:

  • Size, shape and strength fit
  • No quantities of waste, no blending
  • Self-adhesive for easy assembly
  • Automation facilitated by magazine or supply on roll
  • Reliable function through appropriate material combination
  • Installation advantages, time savings
  • Functionalization, e.g. labable and electromagnetically protective


Kennzeichnungs- und Informationsetiketten


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