EM Klebetechnik has the solution!

Front Panels

Front panels are the first thing your customers see from your devices. This is a flagship for your reputation.

Therefore, front panels should have the highest quality and precision.

Front panels made of polycarbonate and polyester film can provide EM Klebetechnik GmbH with all sorts of features for you: Breakthroughs, special shapes, transparent and luminous windows with lack-free zones, flat and embossed keystrokes, antimicrobial and scratch-resistant printed on the back.


Polycarbonate, polyester films, hard PVC, polystyrene, acrylic glass (or PMMA)


About 0.05 mm to about 2.0 mm


Digital printing, silk screen printing


Self-adhesive, further attachment options such as breakthroughs possible-always adapted to the respective requirements.