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Create and read variable data just in time

Fast and reliable with the help of heat, colour pixels are detached from a carrier film during thermo transfer printing and transferred to the product with pressure. The result is an excellent print image that is immediately dry and abrasion-resistant. The use of a thermo transfer printer makes sense if frequently changing texts, such as price information, data, barcodes, etc., are to be applied. This makes the user more flexible, saves costs and storage capacity. Pressure systems are available in many price and performance classes. The resolutions range from 200-600 dpi. Thermo transfer printers are maintenance-friendly and silent in operation.

Further and interesting peripheries required for thermal transfer printing can be obtained reliably and coordinated with us from a single source. The printer includes label software that allows you to easily create and print your labels on your PC within a few minutes.

Our software supports 21 languages, 40 barcode types and 650 printing systems. Tailored to your printer, application and labels, we deliver the right ribbon. In order to read your barcode, you will receive a wide range of barcode readers.


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