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Technical adhesive tapes

Universal or special tape-tape not only for packaging

Probably the most well-known applications of adhesive tapes are the carpet tape, the packaging tape and the painter's recline tape.

Modern high-performance adhesive tapes, however, can do much more. They are an integral part of industry and craftsmanship due to their wide range of applications.

Whether in manual or machine processing, we certainly have the right tape for your needs.

Due to the very wide range of adhesive tapes made from a wide variety of materials, with a wide variety of adhesives, new applications emerge almost every day.

PVC and PE-ribbons are soft and insulating, polyester ribbons very thin but tear resistant and temperature-resistant, metal bands can be heat-conducting, flame resistant and chemical-resistant. Slider ribbons are abrasion-resistant, anti-stick coated, noise-dampening. Double-sided bands can pick up shear forces, compensate for bumps, compensate for tensions, etc.

Our expert advisors with a lot of experience from a wide range of industries are happy to assist you with the variety of applications.

  • Cover adhesive tapes
  • Shielding tape
  • Aluminium adhesive tapes
  • Antistatic adhesive tapes
  • Double-sided sticking ribbons
  • One-sided sticking ribbons
  • Electrically conductive adhesive tapes
  • Tissue adhesive tapes
  • Sliding adhesive tapes
  • Heat-activable adhesive tapes
  • High-temperature adhesive tapes
  • Insulation tape
  • Transfer adhesives
  • Kapton adhesive tapes
  • Velcro tapes
  • Copper adhesive tapes
  • Metallised tape
  • Foam adhesive tapes
  • Mirror adhesive tapes
  • Thermal conductive adhesive tapes


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