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About us

EM Klebetechnik GmbH combines knowledge, manufacturing experience and material know-how at the highest quality for perfect etiquette, punching parts, moldings or adhesive products. You can respond better to the needs of your market and increase your productivity, for example, by reducing and making it easier to handle.

Where necessary and desired, we will guide you through the entire development process-from idea to production.

Powerful technology

  • Silk Screen
  • Flexo printing
  • Hot embossed printing
  • Thermo transfer printing
  • Digital printing
  • Role cutter
  • Lifting punching machine
  • Rotation punching machine
  • Heidelberg punching crucible
  • Cutting plotter

With our punching machines we can process a variety of papers, films, fleeces, fabrics and rubber materials. The maximum punching dimensions depend on the desired base material and quantity. Cuts can be delivered in bow or as a roll.

Our system technology is very flexible. Very individual sizes, materials and shapes are also possible. From technical drawing (CAD, DWF or DXF format) to prototype manufacturing to series, we can map all steps of product development at the plant.

Comprehensive material knowledge

We make die-cut parts from many different products. These can be chemical-resistant labels, materials optimized for sliding surfaces such as Teflon® or sealing EPDM foams. We process high-temperature resistant films as well as tear-resistant fabrics or thermotransfer printable labels. We also like to cut, punch and label customer changes.

Due to this variety of different materials, we also find the right product for your application and needs. Contact us or write to us your request.

Label base material

  • Products with safety features
  • Felt and fleeces
  • Slides of PVC, PET, PTFE, PE, PC, PP, PI and other polymer materials
  • Rubber and silicone materials
  • Thermal conductive products


As a supplier to the automotive industry, railway technology, logistics companies, supplier of stamping parts for industrial companies from electronics, medical technology, graphics and end customers, we are committed to a constant quality.

We plan the processing steps, set exams and regularly monitor our work. This is also confirmed by our ISO 9001 quality assurance system, which has been recurring for years.


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