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What you can expect from EM Klebetechnik

The extensive range of EM Klebetechnik GmbH is divided into different areas:

Die-Cut and functional parts

We produce from almost all comprehensive materials such as Mylar®, Kapton®, rubber mats, foams, label base materials, technical adhesive tapes, PE, PP and PVC, various fabrics and nonwoven fabrics as well as metal foils punching parts or moldings.

Labels type and performance signs

One focus is labelling systems using labels and self-adhesive signs. They simplify production processes, label products, provide information and are the front hand child of their company.

Technical tapes

One of the most extensive areas is the adhesive tapes. They think of almost all industrial and commercial applications. Technical adhesive tapes are used, for example, for fixing, protecting, as an assembly aid or registration plate, for heat management or conducting electricity.

Adhesive systems

Sticking means structural bonding in the case of adhesive systems. The adhesives combine a wide variety of materials with each other in an end-fest manner. From anti-glass to rubber-resistant, from cold-resistant to highly resilient, you will find an extensive selection of adhesive systems and accessories.

Tape and label dispensers

If you want to process punching parts or adhesive tapes in larger series production, automated donation systems are offered. They reduce clock time and increase the quality of processing by avoiding handling errors. In addition to standard donors, special solutions are also possible.

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