EM Klebetechnik has the solution!

Stamping technique

Shape punch parts from EM Klebetechnik GmbH are produced using various punching processes. Normally, however, you don't have to worry about which of the different punching techniques we use.

Depends on

  • The used material
  • The required number of pieces
  • Accuracy requirements
  • The desired presentation
  • Other special features such as printing
  • Let's choose the appropriate punching procedure.

The goal when selecting the punching technique is optimal production, which also means an advantage for you. In addition, we take into account possibilities that can bring advantages in their processing process (e.g. simple spendability, pre-printed labels, location of the die-cut parts on the carrier).

Various parameters influence the stamping costs. In particular, these are

  • The number of pieces (set-up costs place a disproportionate burden on particularly small quantities)
  • Accuracy (don't ask for more than necessary – that saves stamping costs)
  • The presentation (is the manufacturing advantage so much greater or perhaps easier?)
  • Talk to us early! We support you in the development of the die-cut part, advise you on the choice of materials and show you possible alternatives.