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Self-adhesive ground marking tapes

Safety labels with ground marking tapes (ASR A1.3 and ASR S1.5)

Until November 2012, the BGV A8 accident prevention legislation regulated the shape and application of safety signs and ground markings. Since then, the ASR A1.3 workspace rule has regulated the use of safety and health protection labelling. It is part of the Work Site Regulation and is a necessary part of any risk assessment.

The safety concept in productions, road areas and buildings in general includes, for example, life signs and prohibition signs as well as floor markings. These must be carried out continuously, in colour and permanently. They are particularly fast and uncomplicated to produce with marking adhesive tapes. These self-adhesive soil markings are ready for use immediately after application. Ways, danger zones and pitches can be marked very quickly and permanently in this way.

EM Klebetechnik GmbH`s marking adhesive collars are particularly robust, abrasion-resistant, stretchy and resistant to most common chemicals and solvents. For the indoor area, the high-performance adhesive is also well anchored on smooth surfaces. Marker bands suitable for outdoor use also have excellent weather resistance.

Where necessary, adhesive tapes according to ASR A1.5 can also produce particularly non-slip surfaces on the ground or on edges in addition to the marking effect. They increase the safety of stairs, ramps, ascendations and departures in wet and smooth. Accidents caused by dirt with e.g. oils or fats can also be avoided with these anti-slip adhesepoons. They are available in different mineral grains adapted to the requirements of the work centre rules or the A4 51130 (slip safety). They significantly increase the step safety and slip inhibition of floor coverings.

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