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Die-Cut and functional parts

Die-Cut parts are ubiquitous in industry, commerce, crafts and everyday life. They offer manufacturing advantages in partially or fully automated assembly processes, combining a wide variety of materials. Die-Cut parts allow for constructions that are hardly possible with other joining techniques.

As a customer of the EM Klebetechnik GmbH, you have the advantage, that on the one hand you are dealing with a competent partner when it comes to punching, who, however, also supports you in the selection of the right material.

  • EM Klebetechnik GmbH accompanies you from the idea to the series process.
  • Short-term production of prototypes and test parts (e.g. according to CAD data)
  • Common final drawing determination
  • Offer with technical specifications Construction of devices and tools for Die-Cut parts production
  • Series delivery and process optimization at EM Klebetechnik GmbH


Die-Cut parts and labels offer many advantages:

  • Size, shape and strength fit
  • No quantities of waste, no blending
  • Self-adhesive for easy assembly
  • Automation facilitated by magazine or supply on roll
  • Reliable function through appropriate material combination
  • Installation advantages, time saving functionalization, e.g. labable and electromagnetic shielding

Materials for Die-Cut parts from EM Klebetechnik GmbH come from the areas:

  • One-sided tape slides and tissues
  • Fleeces and felt rubber
  • Polyurethane or silicones
  • Double-sided tape
  • Laminates and multi-layer materials
  • Transfer glue and acrylic foam adhesive tapes (e.g. 3M VHB)
  • PVC, polycarbonate, polyester, hard PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic glass, insulation films, Kapton®, metal films such as copper or aluminum, Teflon®, Nomex®, Hostaflon®, heat-conducting products and many more ...

* In material thicknesses

About 0.023 mm to about 6.0 mm (material-dependent)


Possible design for Die-Cut parts of EM Klebetechnik GmbH

Rolls and bow, confectioned

As items, also magazines

With finger lift or shared protective cover


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