EM Klebetechnik has the solution!

Thermo transfer printing

You are looking for ...

  • Flexible printing-> different motives
  • continuous print-> Numbering & inventory 
  • barcode print-> QR codes, EAN-codes ...
  • Made to an individualized print-> suitable
  • Multilabel with perforations-> a system label with X-benefit
  • High-resolution printing-> optimal for the smallest barcodes
  • Purified protection of pressure-> e.g. as a manual valve label

....then we recommend our thermo transfer pressure.

In our digital printing, similar to hot embossing printing – the paint is heated on a ribbon of paint and transferred to the surface to be printed. A heating bar with the finest heating cells, the heart of the thermo transfer printer, control the small heating cells in the printer. This allows different information to be printed individually per printing process.